Estonian Open/Masters 2018
The 15th OlyBet ESTONIAN OPEN 2018
The 2nd  OlyBet ESTONIAN MASTERS 2018
20th April – 22nd April
Ranking: 501 singles events carry WDF and BDO ranking points
Friday, 20th April
20:00 Blind Draw Pairs, fee 10€ (registration ends 19:00)
11:00 OlyBet Estonian Open: Men’s Pairs (registration ends 10:00)
11:30 OlyBet Estonian Open: Ladies Pairs (registration ends 10:00)
15:00 OlyBet Estonian Open: Men’s Singles (incl finals) (registration ends 14:00)
15:30 OlyBet Estonian Open: Ladies Singles (incl finals) (registration ends 14:00)
11:00 OlyBet Estonian Masters: Men’s Singles (registration ends 10:00)
11:30 OlyBet Estonian Masters: Ladies Singles (registration ends 10:00)
Playing format: All competitions playing single elimination KO system “501”, with straight start, double or “bull” to finish.
Players must throw darts to “bull” to determine who will start the first leg.
All competition will take place according BDO and WDF competition rules. More information on rules:,
Losers mark next game on same board
Playing format:
Blind Draw Pairs - Till final are best of 5 legs, Final is best of 7 legs *Pairs with Ladies have 50 points advantage, two Ladies throw first and have 50 points advantage
Men`s Pairs - Till ½ finals are best of 7 legs; ½ and finals are best of 9
Ladies Pairs - All matches are best of 7 legs
Men`s singles - Till ½ finals are best of 7 legs; ½ and finals are best of 9*
Ladies`s singles – All matches are best of 7 legs*
*Applies for both, Estonian Open and Estonian Masters main competition
Registration and information: Reili Männik ph: +372 516 2956; or online registration (preferred).
Entry deadline by 14th of April. Late entries will not be seeded.
Please consider to register early via webpage or email
Playing area is non-smoking and non-drinking area
Players are expected to dress appropriately, meaning no jeans or denim type trousers, no t-shirts, no sneakers etc are allowed on stage
Free access to the venue for spectators and visitors